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  • Gauri uses quality acrylic paints, and archival quality 100% cotton canvasses.
  •  All four sides are painted, for a modern look. Framing is optional.
  • Paintings are signed on the front in paint, and on the back of the canvas itself in pencil.
  • Certificate of Authenticity is included. Paintings ship unframed, stretched on wooden stretcher bars and hardware installed, ready to hang. 
  • International Shipping is Via USPS First Class. From the USA to most countries this takes 2 to 4 weeks. If you would like to be upgraded to Priority International, which takes 6 to 10 days, or Priority Express 3 days with tracking, please ask prior to purchase. Any painting/shipment with dimensions at or over 16 x 20″ and over 4lbs has to ship Priority International, as it exceeds the size/weight limit. With USPS First Class, other than the waybill number, there is no way to track your package once it is in your country, and past customs. Also, Priority International and Priority Express are considerably more expensive than regular post. Time for international shipments also depends on customs in country of entry. Some countries such as Australia have small size regulations, and larger paintings cannot be shipped via USPS. Large paintings can be shipped un stretched and rolled if requested.
  • Please contact us within 3 days if your painting arrives damaged, you must retain original packaging and take photos in order to process a claim via FedEX etc.
  • Please make sure you have updated your shipping address in Paypal. We are not responsible for reshipping charges, or redirection fees.
  • As per standard copyright law, artist retains the right to digital and print reproduction.
  • Packaging: Your painting will be meticulously packed with paper, bubble wrap, and corrugated cardboard or foam, in a sturdy box, or a bubble envelope with stiff backing, or tube for larger fine art prints.
  • For information about commission policies, please contact me via my commission page.


How do I pay?

You can pay either by credit card, or by Paypal. Click on the buy button and when the Paypal interface pops up, you can either use your Paypal account, or then click on the link underneath for credit card payment, which will bypass Paypal. We also accept checks. Please email for my mailing address. [email protected]

Why do you paint with a palette knife?

Great question! Why make it harder?! Well, when I paint with a brush, which I do occasionally, I tend to focus on the detail. With a palette knife I can’t focus on the detail too much, so my paintings are looser, and more gestural, with bigger sweeps and strokes. Also spreading oil paint with a palette knife has an amazing feel, think of how good it feels to spread buttery frosting on a cake, not unlike that!

Do you paint from a photograph, or live?

Both! I can often be found scrambling on the ground in a popular tourist spot (plenty of them here in the San Francisco Bay), capturing the best photo to paint from. I have two young kids, who don’t stay still nicely for six hours under the Golden Gate Bridge whilst I meticulously paint it, therefore I often take photos and paint in my studio. 

Would you paint something for me?

Yes! I welcome commissions, and custom orders. Just convo me and attach an image of what you have in mind. No pressure, just a discussion. Commission prices are available on request.

How long does a commission or custom order take?

Usually up to a week, then a week or so to dry, then it ships via USPS Priority or FedEX Ground.

How would you describe your style? 

My style is loose and gestural, with a combination of painterly detail and obvious, larger palette and painting knife strokes, swipes and scrapes. This gives my paintings a blended yet sharp effect, and the thick impasto texture, which is a byproduct of using a palette knife, gives an amazing sense of movement, as it reflects the light more than a regular brush painting.

What drives you to create your art?

My knives have a hold on me, I actually have very little to do with it! I spend virtually every waking moment either painting, thinking about what I am going to paint next, visualizing the ambiance of my next painting, what direction to take with my marketing, what supplies I am running low on, and so on. But when I pick up a painting knife, it all disappears, I feel calm, less turbulent inside my own head, and at peace. It really is cathartic for me. I work very quickly, and my gratification comes from a whirlwind relationship with me, and my knives. I love to finish a painting in one session, and actually sometimes I have to, as my palette knife technique is wet on wet. The amazing feeling of spreading buttery paint on a canvas is addictive.

How does painting make you feel and what do you wish to impart to others through it?

Painting makes me feel worthwhile, gives me an immediate inner thrill, immense feelings of joy, touches my aspiring heart and makes me want to become a better person. 
Because art is so subjective, and my subject matter is quite varied, I strive to give people a feeling of being absorbed by, and drawn into the painting by a tangible sense of light; whether it’s dappled afternoon sunlight peeking through tree leaves, the stark shadows of an ancient European building, or the harsh reflection of the sun off a snowy mountaintop. I also strive for a noticeable sense of movement in my paintings, especially my birch tree landscapes. After the initial explosion of color, dazzling cadmium reds, yellows and oranges, combined with luscious cerulean and French ultramarine blues, you will then notice leaves falling, and being blown around, helping to draw you in and feel like you just have to be in that birch forest, experiencing the smell, sounds, and visual beauty of our amazing planet.

What has been your biggest growth as an artist and person throughout your career?

As an artist, I am constantly evolving. My technique keeps improving (I think), due to a lot of practice, mistakes, visions, research, and constant pondering. I am still quite early in my career. In just over two years I have gone from novice to a professional, working artist with gallery representation. One of the best things that being a professional artist has allowed me to do, is to make a living out of something I love to do all day. This is an incredibly liberating feeling, along with the joy of touching people emotionally with my art, and has made me a better person in respect of this revelation. I have two young daughters who I am consequently trying to teach to follow their dreams, find their passion, and go for it!



GAURI DHURDE is a free style professional artist who specializes in knife paintings, Also she practices

Madhubani arts, Abstract art, Doodling as well as professional sketch artist. Gauri shares valuable art tips and her techniques on her social media handle.


Since childhood she was very indulged in the field of art. Due to her curiosity and alacrity to learn various forms of arts she learned many courses and was appreciated by make people and judges. Gradually she became connoisseur painter and Grasp dexternity through time so far,she had choose her Passio as her career.

 It takes a very talented and accomplished artist to use a painting or palette knife. This technique is unique, as the paint is applied very thickly, adding textured highlights with a beautiful sense of light and movement. Combined with this is Lisa’s outstanding ability to capture with her knife the incredible detail and personal elements that will resonate with your subconscious, and transport you into her colorful world of visual transcendence. 




Gauri loves art and people, so is happy connecting directly with collectors, students, and collaborators. 
The fastest way to reach Gauri is via text on 8669098658,788198418 or you can email [email protected]

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